What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) Positioning?

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) Positioning?

Mobile applications have become one of the most used tools today. There are apps to perform all kinds of tasks. Banks, businesses, agencies and countless companies that launch their application to the market every day.

This advantage for users, who can choose between 9 million apps for Android and more than 2 and a half million for iOS, implies strong competition among the creators of mobile applications. Getting to the top of the mobile app stores   is a difficult task.

To highlight our app, we must use ASO (App Store Optimization) positioning techniques, equivalent to SEO positioning for websites. Its objective is to improve visibility and dissemination to place apps at the top of the lists.

How to improve the ASO positioning of your app?

Users increasingly feel more comfortable carrying out transactions and purchases through their mobile. This is because the use of apps offers important advantages, such as:

  • Increased security in the use of the channel
  • Speed ​​and simplicity in the payment method
  • Less reluctance to provide personal data
  • Incorporation of mobile commerce among consumer habits
  • Offers and discounts when making purchases through the app

Being well positioned helps increase the number of downloads of your app and, therefore, direct and indirect income. But, as the competition is very high, it is convenient to know the techniques to improve the positioning of a mobile application.

We tell you how.

ASO internal positioning factors

Title or name of the app

As with SEO positioning, the ASO positioning strategy should not miss an attractive title with the keyword that indicates what your app is for. The name should be easy to identify and different from the names of your competitors.

If you have developed an app for Android and iOS, remember that the name must be identical on both systems.

App logo or icon

Your app logo should be easy for users to remember and have a quality design. The most convenient thing is to keep it simple, clear and clean, with a timeless style and an image that conveys the concept of the app.

Structure and design

A good application should be simple and easy to use. However, you must ensure that it is not so simple that the user perceives it as not very useful. The goal is for the user to download it and not uninstall it after a few days.

An ideal design will be distinguishable from other apps, easy to remember, related to its purpose and with an intuitive structure that favors usability.

Tag or category

Always choose the category that best suits your type of app, as this will make it easier for it to appear in related searches.

Description of your app

You must summarize in three or four lines what your app is for and convince the user to download it. Remember that the vast majority of users do not display the complete description. Choosing the right words is key to transmitting value in just a few characters.


It is necessary to carry out a study of the keywords for which your app will best position itself. Try to enter varied and long-tail keywords in both the title and the description and metadata.

Developer or Author

Google Play and the App Store take into account the age of the author and the success of their other applications for the ASO ranking. Therefore, it is recommended that the developer has been enrolled in these platforms for some time.


In addition to an attractive description, several screenshots cannot be missing that show the user the main functions and features of your app. This will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Recently, the use of videos to promote apps is gaining strength. Video has the advantage of showing the operation in a simple and visual way.

In addition to internal factors, the ASO app is influenced by external factors that should be known.

External factors of ASO positioning

External factors or ASO off site are not entirely up to you, but it is highly recommended to work on them. Next we leave you with the most important ones.


Popularity is closely related to the number of app downloads and has a direct influence on ranking. In fact, app stores usually show a selection of the most downloaded applications in each category. This invites users to try them out.

Remember that the number of uninstalls will make you lose position.


The CTR (Click through Rate) is obtained by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. The higher the CTR, the better your ASO ranking will be.

A widely used strategy to increase CTR is to offer the app for free to increase the number of downloads.

Reviews and Ratings

User opinion matters, a lot. Positive comments and points assigned to your mobile app improve ASO ranking. At the same time, most users rely on the reviews of others to decide whether or not to download an app.

Social networks

Social media can help you gain positions in two different ways.

On the one hand, it is convenient to include buttons to share on social networks. In this way, the users themselves will spread it without you having to invest anything. On the other hand, promoting your mobile application on social networks will help you generate traffic to it, which helps improve positioning.

Landing page

Having an optimized and specific landing page for your mobile application will help you generate traffic and get new downloads. You can even create a desktop version for your app.

The landing page should explain in a clear and attractive way the advantages of your mobile application and how it can help users in their day to day.

As you can see, to improve ASO positioning, internal and external factors must be taken into account. Every little detail influences the search results and the number of downloads.

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) Positioning?

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