10 Fascinating Types of Animation Styles To liven Up Your Brand

Animation has been around for years. It has weaved many great ideas and compelling stories making a captivating screenplay. The subtle movement of characters, engaging voice-overs, and the appropriate use of color schemes add up to the greatness of an animated video. Animation is a vast field with an endless scope.

In the ancient time, our ancestors used to carve different stories on cave wall showing the mini life and path-unfolding story frame by frame. It was a time when nobody even knew about animation but this highlight the fact as to how much people loves to view motion graphics. Animation was used only as a mere source of entertainment. At first, cartoons were created then year’s later movies begin to hit the charts. And now the industry is showing out-of-the-box animation techniques to present a story.

With the use of high-tech software and tools, creating fascination within the moving figures has become a passion for many animators. The new flair of creativity and expertness is seen in the creation of CGI films- a deeply realistic animation form. With the ever-evolving pace of innovations in every area, animation has become the most challenging field in terms of creativity and expertise.

A single idea can be presented through a number of ways, you simply need to delve deeper into the many different styles and types of animation. If you have thought that 3D and 2D animated videos are all that you have to add motion in your story, then here is a long list of 10 amazing animation styles mentioned below: Read on and produce captivating animated videos in just a clap of fingers.

1. Whiteboard Animation

“The simpler the object is, the less effort the brain needs to process and relate to the image,”

The effectiveness of a Whiteboard animation revolves around the simplicity it carries within. It has a minimalist touch in its creation. The presence of white background with black ink to create fascinating designs looks tempting and enticing. In Whiteboard animation there are mostly two colors seen in the video- the black ink on the white surface.

Many times brands add a third color reflecting their brand identity that is considered potentially helpful in attracting customers. It is a best fit for educational purposes. You can guide viewers about a certain process or technique to operate a particular product or even a machine. As these videos have no complexities and are powerful in sustaining the attention to the most important element of the video, Whiteboard videos are twice more compelling.


2. 2D Animation

In 2D animation, the story is crafted in 2-dimensional space. As compared to 3D    animation, there are less number of frames involved as the camera angle remains constant. On a single frame the entire scene is created, and the motion is added.

2D animation is one of the oldest and most traditional animation styles. In the 20th century artist used to take the different photograph or create drawings on the paper to place them on a transparent actate, which is called cells. However, with the advent of computers, and professional animation making tools, animators have digitalized the entire process.

Now from storyboarding to illustration, everything is carried out using software and tools. Moreover, 2D and 3D animation are in many ways the same their animations techniques revolve around the same tree provided that in 3D animation, the creators have to cover the story from different angles.


3. 3D Animation

At present, professional 3D animators have become the most sought-after creators in the digital world. The fascination of 3D videos has shaken the world with mind-blowing creativity. The transformation seen in the animation industry especially in 3ED animation is incredible.

Videos and movies are now being created in a computer-generated interface where objects and elements are drawn in the most realistic framework. From color to light intensities to the smooth movement are portrayed realistically. The videos are produced in a 3-Dimensional framework, where every posture and gesture is shown from different angles.

Now animators are creating such videos that will take you to the time being portrayed. You will not identify whether the elephant shown is real or animated. That’s how close to reality 3D animation has become. The excellence of 3D video is a product of hard work of its artists who have to spend hours in producing such captivating 3D animated videos.

4. Typography Animation

Sometimes you do not need to create any character or spend time in plotting out a story to captivate your target audience. The most powerful yet simplistic idea is to use typography in making fabulous animated videos. With the correct use of fonts and styling, you can create an impact in your video. Use the features of enhancing fonts, making them bold and big or use interesting techniques to present them.

All of this all together makes your video full with the perfect essence. With typography, you can harness your idea into a beautiful video that can compel and engage your viewers. In typography videos, you can incorporate objects and elements too for accelerating its outcomes.

5. Paint-On-Glass Animation

Paint-on-glass animation is a unique technique to produce captivating animations. It is created using slow-dying paints and some sheets of glass. The oil paints are used to make characters and stories on the glass sheets directly under the camera. Frame-by-frame the entire story is produced.  The animator cannot rehearse when making the frames as the art is continuously destroyed. In addition, the animator must have technical and creative skills in order to evaluate how to handle different frameworks.

6. Rotoscope Animation

It’s more of a traditional technique where the animators have to trace frame-by-frame. The motion picture footage is traced which eventually create a more realistic animation. Mostly fighting scenes or action films are created using this unique form of animation. Max Fleischer is renowned to be its creator. At present, the animation is produced using different highly advanced tools, and software to add more smoothness in the movement while making tracing hassle-free.

“Rotoscoping is a great way to get started in motion design because you can incorporate captivating movement pretty quickly, without having to know all the principles of animation”, – Lindsey Deschamps

With Rotoscope animation, you can boost your onsite traffic by converting interesting video clips into interactive, animated GIFs.

7. Stop Motion Animation

StopMotion animation is one of the most challenging and time-consuming categories of animation. Here the animators have to skillfully manipulate the entire scene and show as if the objects are in motion. It all depends upon the appropriate camera work. The sets are created, models are crafted and everything that is involved in the set is created, after that the camera focus and panning is directed by an animator. In the end, the engaging stop motion animation is designed. Now, these kinds of videos are not only time consuming but fall hard on one’s pocket as well.

8. Mechanical Watch Animation

Mechanical Animation is one of the most intricate and difficult animation types. In this type, the computer-generated interface is created of a machine or model with the accurate specification of the movement and everything. From assemblies to configuration to modus operandi of different mechanical items.

The animation type is best used for explaining the working criteria for complicated machinery. The detailed elaboration involved connects and educates the viewers about every single corner of the machine. The purpose of this animation type is to check how well the object can perform. The changes are made in real time to improve functionality. In this way production cost, and time is saved and the creation of huge machinery becomes stress and risk-free.

9. Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is somewhat similar to stop motion animation, as it requires manual intervention. The animation is produced by using various cutouts objects. You have to create the cutouts for all the objects and elements involved in your story. The cutouts are placed against the appropriate background. The complete scene in cutout animation is produced on an animation stand, and the camera is also positioned above that stand to pan or zoom over the objects as per the story.

Much like stop motion animation, cutout animation is quite time consuming, as you have to produce each scene frame by frame. You have to not only work on the objects but have to decide the background as well.

10. Clay Animation

Clay Animation is one of the most enticing and fascinating animation types. Though the final product looks eye-pleasing, its video creation requires a lot of skills and time. The clay models are created showing postures of different motions. When the images of these clay models are displayed in a continuous sequence, a motion is reflected in the video. The characters seem to be moving in the frame producing captivating animation with respect to the story.




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