Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

The insurgence of making creative YouTube videos have taken online users by utmost amusement and enthralled them completely. Now making a video is no brainer. You just need to find your hidden talent and unleash it in front of millions of YouTube viewers.

The craze of gaining visibility and recognition has struck people so fiercely that on YouTube a sort of competition breathes. Every other person strives to become a YouTuber to run a popular channel and entertain millions of active visitors.

Where video marketing has exploded tremendously so does the fame of YouTube being called as a hub of engaging videos. As per the stats, 8 out 0f 10 online users within the age of 18-49 prefer watching YouTube. Moreover, the platform enjoys over 1.9nm login request every month. It has become the second largest search engine while having top rankings in Google.

Videos of around 400 hours are present there. Not to forget that almost 70% of the viewers stream through smartphone devices. So much is there about YouTube that drives users and creative artist towards the platform.

Years ago when YouTube was not enjoying its current hype, it was easier to create and promote a YouTube channel. But as time passes, more and more people got the awareness to make money from it. Now the site is supersaturated with thousands of videos related to a single subject. Everybody is locked in a fierce competition with one another.

So, if you are facing similar problems and want an easy solution to promote your YouTube channel to accelerate its online presence, here is a comprehensive guide mentioned below:

1.   Optimize Your Channel with Google-Friendly Keywords

Much like Google, you also have to get your hands on some Google-friendly keywords in order to capture the attention of target viewers. If you manage to get on their newsfeed, you may find your way to the top. And to become searchable you have to index the set of keywords required. YouTube works on the principles of Google. It has more or less the exact criteria and videos get ranked and classified similarly, like sites on Google. You can seek help from Keyword Planner in order to get to some good and advantageous keywords for your YouTube channel promotion. You need to assure Google that your content is related to the search queries visitors enter. Once you shortlist your keywords, run the SERP scan to identify individual keywords rankings.

2.   Compose Concise Titles


Your video title tells a lot about your video. It’s the first thing your viewers fell upon. So the criteria for composing titles go out like this:

Short Tiles- the maximum length is of 60 characters. You can browse some of the most popular videos to get the idea. If you exceed the limit, your title will be cut off from the display as per the site’s interface.

Index Keywords- Put your keyword in the first half of your title. It will become attention-grabbing right from the start, giving away the most important information.

Avoid Cliché, Keep It Engaging- Do not add trendy phrases in your title because that will set a time frame for its popularity and visibility.

3.   The Wonders of Custom Thumbnails

As per the research, almost 90% of the information which our brain process is visual. It only takes 13 milliseconds for a viewer to process information represented in the form of images or videos. A long with this a human brain process information 60,000 times faster than static content. All of these references make one thing clear, that visuals are a true power that can attract your viewers in a blink.

When the world is overloaded with information, adding thumbnails on your videos can give you an edge to chase those eyeballs. Your image will throw a meaningful outlook about your video and will persuade viewers to check your content. You need to make an enticing image to shorten the time of decision-making and to convince viewers about viewing your content. Thumbnails are optimized as well in terms of picture quality and effectiveness.

The Basic Criteria is mentioned below:

  • The Standard Size Is 2MB
  • Use High Definition Images
  • Use Relevant Image
  • Keep It Focused

4.   Compose Your Description

YouTube descriptions should be precise and rich with information. It must have appropriate information to engage and captivate viewers. The fundamental standards are laid down as follows:

  • Index Short Or Long Chain Keywords
  • Keep The Length Up To 5000 Characters At Max
  • Create A Separate Content Page To Guide Followers
  • Do Add Trendy Hashtag

5.   Keep The Content Trendy



If you want to get acknowledge you have to step up with the trends. If you choose to become a vlogger, you have to pick topics to discuss the current issues and happenings. The platform has 1.57 billion active users, and the majority of internet traffic chooses videos to grab information.

It is recommended to stick to a professional guide about how to promote YouTube channel as that will ease up your stress to promote it. When based on the legitimate foundation it will become simpler to enhance online visibility.

You need to have a unique voice and back your point of view with some solid references that can throw an impression that you have worked on your content. Your information and quality highlight how much dedicated you are towards your work. You cannot just wake up one morning and start recording. You have to strengthen your content as well.


6.   The Trick of YouTube Playlist

YouTube recommends relevant suggestions and videos to users. It caters quality services to each one of its users now that also include recommending best playlist. What you can do is make a playlist for your new video release. Title it with relevant composition and add some other similar videos. Now once you create a playlist, YouTube will put in in other user’s home feed as a suggestion. It would be an indirect way to promote your creation. The criteria for the playlist involve the following tips:

  • You can add your video in more than one playlist
  • Go for searching for similar videos when making a playlist
  • Do add a creative title and interesting description
  • Incorporate a keyword to optimize it

7.   Target Google SERPs


It is one of the most commonly practiced tips but it works so well. You have to type your keyword in the search box and look for Google SERP see, which YouTube video for that keyword is ranking. Once you get it, you have to pick out the technique used. You can seek inspiration and utilize it for your own video.

8.   The Efficient Use of Call to Actions

To appreciate YouTubers, the site gives awards its participants. It’s a way to appreciate and motivate users for working so hard that they can also become able to enjoy the limelight. So, if you want to maximize the traffic, you can use an effective call to action. Attach the subscribe button at the end of your video and in the video content do request your users to stay in touch for more.

You need to plan out your channel in a way that it builds curiosity and enthrall viewers making them st8icking close to your creations. Whether sprinkle some thrilling features to connect them with some creepy gossips. You can choose any topic that you find would please your audience.

9.   A Sky-Rocketing Technique

Do you want a shortcut to fame? Here is a trick! Connect yourself with influencers and share fame.

In your videos, you can access the opportunity to interview celebrities and other influencers. By doing so, you will snatch a chance to interact with a diverse range of audiences, plus his subscribers will also walk towards your channel to watch the interview.

10.  Run Contests

Much like social media, you can run contests and polls to excite your followers. You can organize short contest or ask for polls to gather the target audience. Bring out your creative side and entice your followers. The more interactive you become the better outcomes you can enjoy.

However, as a precautionary measure you have to check the official YouTube policies there might be things that you need to be careful of. And it is advisable to check the performance matrices, whether your contests are generating potential benefits or you are simply wasting your time.

Wrap Up

Hopefully these tips prove beneficial for you and guide you to outshine your competitors with a massive beat. Keep your audience closer to know their preferences and likeness. You can accelerate your outcomes in no time; you simply have to focus and research your rivals to understand how things work here. Moreover, you can link your videos onto your social media sites and blog posts to broaden its chances of getting visible.



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