Make Your Own Animated Cartoon Character In A Blink

Do you wish to create an animated version of yourself to create a brand identity? Here is an easy procedure to help you make your very own animated cartoon character. Before you get to learn the simplified manner of making a cartoon, here are some important facts that you can achieve by getting one created.

Through animation, it is full-fledged explainer video or presented as a form of micro-interactions, can bring in a greater number of leads. It can drive engagements and provide users with a better onsite experience. Animated cartoons increased conversions and strengthen trust among the customers. Through animated branding assets, you can get ranked in modern browsers and even on YouTube.

As you know now how important it can be to create your own cartoon character, you do not take the stress if you don’t have hard skills. Here is the most efficient trick to teach you about how to make an animation within minutes. Read on!

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Animation Type

The first thing is to select the animation time to go when it comes to making a cartoon. You can go with the style of whiteboard animation, where the entire cartoon will be created using a black pen or pointer. The second type involved 2D or 3D animation, where the cartoon will show two and three-dimensional framework. The 3D animated cartoon will look real from shades to figure to every curve. You need to choose one, which you feel, can create the maximum impact on your target audience.

Step 2: Choose Your Animation Maker


You need to select a super-easy and most efficient animation making software. As technology has evolved so massively, you can easily find the tool that can ease up your burden to create your own cartoon character. You do not have to spend hours or days to get hard skills.

Simply by using the drag and drop feature you can complete your animation and spread appeal among your prospective customers and target audience. It might sound surprising to you but you can get the one by doing just a little browsing. So, challenge your search skills and get your hands on professional animation software.

Step 3: Compose Your Cartoon Script


Once you know which way you have to steer and what resources you can use, you now have to put aside all of your worries and compose a remarkable script. Your script will be a backbone to your video and it either can generate outbound prosperity or can ruin all of your efforts.  So, keep your content precise and appealing. You have to add an attractive twist in your plot, one that can bring back the distracted attention of your viewers- it can be humor as well.

Step 4: Select a Ready-to-Use Template

Who said that you would have to begin making a video from scratch? When you have a top-notch tool, you do not have to waste time in a time-consuming step. Navigate to the online gallery and look for the easy-to-edit template. You can have niche-specific templates available for you to change and improvise. It will save a lot of time and you will not have to brainstorm your design.

Step 5: Choose/Make a Cartoon Character

Making an animated video is not enough to capture greater leads; you need to have the face of your brand. Now to make your own animation you can go for either of these two ways. One is to choose a pre-made cartoon character template or to personalize and customize it to make it just like you. Your tool will surely have a gallery full of icons, images, and characters.

You can select the right character for your brand that can enhance its outlook and looks well with the tone. Or else you can make slight changes in its avatar and make it look exactly look you. It will maximize effectiveness. You can change the hair color, hairdo, facial features, and even the color of its eyes. It will help in connecting viewers more efficiently.

Step 6: Add Supportive Elements

If you choose to go with a template design for your animation, then you will be given with a pre-made background and framework. There will be a need for some supportive elements and icons to enhance the tone of your video. For instance, if you want to keep a humorous or cheerful tone, you can add some bubbles, rainbow, and animated figures jumping or flying in the background.

Similarly, if you want to keep a professional outlook, you can add mini animated graphs, moving numbers or some kind of meter to show stats. Mostly a flying arrow is also used to direct the gaze of viewers to the important points. You need to work on such areas that can a sort of glitter to your work.

Step 7: Add a Voiceover/ Music

It’s best to your own voiceover, but if you feel a bit shy you can ask someone else to do that for you. By adding voice over, you can capture the attention of your target viewers and compel them to get indulged completely in your animation.

Same is what can be achieved through music. With the presence of sound or music, you can set the mood of your viewers and fully entertain them. Your motto must not be to deliver a core message but how the manner of doing that should be considered and given great importance, as it is something that will influence your revenue generation. You can pick the music that goes well with your tone. Keep it soft with occasional stress on certain areas to highlight the significance.

There is no need for you to become aggressive, as that will leave more of a pompous attitude. On the other hand, if you want to go for recording your own voice over, you can get on online tools where you can find clarity in recording. You can record the voiceover and edit it to incorporate in the video.

Step 8: It’s Time To Hit the Final Nail in the Coffin

It’s shockingly true that you have successfully completed making your very own cartoon animation video with your own cartoon character in it. Now you have to review the entire video and see if you have left any loophole behind.

Do check the time taken for each frame to appear and the alignment of text, synchronization of voiceover and appearance of each letter. You have to see how your character appears and if the body language, movement, and gestures go along with the tone or not. It’s better to be conscious at first before you ruin thing later. So, analyze every area more carefully and complete your animation efficiently.


Wrap Up

Animation has such vast capabilities that cannot even think about. It can smartly alter the decision of your audience turning it in your favor. It can help you take over the market in no time along with enhancing online visibility. You can make fun-filled animated videos it be explainer or sales videos.

You can convince thousands of viewers at the same time persuading millions to convert into potential leads. The outcomes are enormous but the trick is only one- that is to add appeal. Your work must be engaging enough to compel viewers and convince them to lay their trust on you. Therefore, plan and begin making your own animation to roll double folds on your investments.

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