The Ultimate List of 20 Best Free Animation Software in 2019


Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

The animation is a whole new world, where you experience creativity dipped in exaggeration. You get to interact with characters in a bright new setting to get entertained and inspired. The cheerful music, soft melodies, and bright, fresh characters inspire you and keep you indulged completely.

From the time, the first ever animated cartoons came out- the Steamboat Willie to the upcoming movie The Lion King 2019, animation has shown a huge advancement and evolution over the course of time. From stepping ahead into the computer-generated animation to creating realistic animation, there is a lot to work on. The faster the industry is expanding it is getting harder to keep oneself updated with the changing trends and enhancing expertise.

Animation has gone ahead of being only a source of entertainment. It is playing a major role in accelerating the online visibility of businesses and in strengthening the barding campaigns. Many leading companies like Samsung and Johnson & Johnson have advertised their products by creating compelling animated videos. It’s time to get equipped with professional animation software that is updated with features to produce exceptional animation. Here is a list of 20 best free animation software to help you spread the magic. Read on!

1. KeyShot


KeyShot is an incredible 2D and 3D animation software. Its user-friendly interface attracts animators to create and produce compelling animation for free. The tool is equipped with high-definition quality features and a rich treasure of options to assist makers. With its dynamic texturing and focused caustics, you can create different objects and characters efficiently.

2. PowToon


PowToon creates compelling videos with captivating animation. The software assists creators in making rich videos with eye-catching graphics. Its massive interface with seamless navigation and easy to use procedures for compel users and ensure 100% quality assurance. You can create a huge number of videos equipped with exceptional features from its free plan.

3. Pencil2D


Pencil2D is a lightweight tool that has an impressive interface. It enables animators to create top-notch videos for free. You can perform vector graphics using bitmaps and indulge in advance creations. The tool is fast and efficient. It works well on cross platforms including Windows and Linux.

4. OpenToonz


OpenToonz is a free 2D animation software backed with a professional kit to produce engaging animation. It can be used to create movies, videos, and even games. You can practice advanced animation skills without any hassle. The software is sleek and captivating. It has a bundle of features that allow users to choose freely and produce impressive videos.

5. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is one of the finest software. The tool facilitates users to produce vector graphics and enticing animation. Based on the unmatched features, the Adobe Animate is the tool you need to surpass your competitors.  You can perform video embedding, incorporate appropriate fonts, and carry out expert scripting.

6. TVPaint Animation

TVPaint Animation

Supporting diverse platforms including Mac OS X, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, TVPaint Animation is incredible animation software. The tool is famous for its capabilities to produce rich movies and videos. Among the famous featured movies created using the software, include My Dog Tulip, Song of the Sea and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.

7. Autodesk 3ds Max

 Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is an expert 3D animation software developed to deliver exceptional quality features. You can produce high definition characters and models by using its absolutely free of cost interface. The too is equipped with a dynamic functionality and a board full of options. The best part is that you can learn about the tips and tricks by watching professional tutorials.

8. Houdini


Houdini is developed by Side Effects Software, which is based in Toronto. The tool is used for making a number of movies and short films. Its animation creation features and buttons assist users in producing immaculate animation within a short duration. You can enjoy a massive range of features present for free.

9. iClone 

 i clone

iClone is the best platform to create compelling 3D video games. You can enthrall your gamers by producing enticing graphics and selecting themes that can indulge the attention of active users. With bright colors and brilliant functionality, create videos that stand out from the rest. You can enjoy a massive timeline to edit and enhance the animation in your videos.

10. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is more of an animation educational tool than being only a creation software. It not only facilitates users in producing engaging animation but also supports the new learners. Its huge tutorials and easy to use interface motivate millions of active animators.

11. Antics 2-D Animation

Antics 2-D Animation

Antics 2-D Animation is primarily a vector-based 2D animation software. It enables users to create enticing animation backed with picture-perfect quality. The subtle movement of characters and the detailing is appreciable. You can find a huge gallery of ready to make templates that can save your time for making a model from scratch.

12. Blender


Blender provides users to create a realistic character animation. You can add your required detailing and work on each corner efficiently. You choose niche-specific characters models to save your precious time. With the tool, you can produce the most appropriate characters adding life in them and in your idea.

13. Retas Studio

Retas studio

Retas Studio is a leading animation software that is equipped with a wide range of brushes and buttons to create impressive animation. You can access the tool from multiple platforms like Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. You not only be able to develop engaging characters but will be able to handle the entire animation project by using a single tool.

14. DigiCel FlipBook

Digicel FlipBook

It is a 2D animation software that assists in duplicating the entire animation process. You can convert it into the traditional form similar to Toon Boon Harmony or TVPaint. DigiCel FlipBook is more of a traditional toolkit with a massive library of features. You simply have to get your hands on a sleek graphics tablet and indulge in the fascination of creating smooth and immaculate animation.

15. TupiTube

Tupi Tube


TupiTube is a leading open source software that allows users to create and indulge in the animation process for free. It has a range of features and buttons that facilitate and bring ease in the creation process. The tool has five simple steps to complete the animation process. You simply follow the rules and download the best video ever.

16. Poser


Poser is a top-notch 3D animation software programmed to create most captivating 3D models. The tool is full of features that assist users in producing highly engaging 3D animation for branding campaigns and for entertainment purposes. It has a number of templates including hand gestures, facial expressions, props, and hairpieces.

17. Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper is a free and the most efficient tool to draw animation and to add life in them. You can engage viewers to belong to every audience group. You can captivate them for longer and create compelling animated videos for your brand and business promotion. With the facility to perform layering and zooming, you can rule over your competitors in no time.

18. Aladdin 4D

Aladdin 4D

Aladdin 4D is a computer program that has a remarkable interface and s equipped with a broad range of facilities. It helps users in making a wide range of animated videos each belonging to different categories. You can even make a complete animated movie. The Aladdin 4D has a number of efficient versions including AmigaOS, AROS, and MorphOS.

19. Bryce


Bryce is a premier 3D animated modeling software. It can turn your drawing into a realistic image or scene. With a broad range of audios and video templates, you can bring prosperity in your promotional campaigns. The videos are all created using tons of expertise and unmatched picture quality.

20. Boats Animator

Boats Animator

Boats Animator facilitates its majority of features for free. The tool has a sleek interface. You can edit in real time and see the video from every aspect. You can efficiently work on adding detailing and enhancing the color intensities. You can add the final touches with proper tools and buttons along with using ready to use templates.



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