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Animation Process

Our animation process is quick, reliable and ensures a video that surpasses your goals.

It’s that easy!

You take the first step of explaining to us what you want and we do the rest. Over our experience gaining period, we have worked on to simplifying our video production process. But we are open to your ideas and revisions as many times as needed. Your opinion counts!

Here is the underlying process, concisely.

01. Creative Brief

Our team listens to your ideas and goals and stays in touch until we completely understand the story you wish to communicate alongside knowing your target audiences, deadlines, and budget. The essentials of this information are then fed into your script and style frames.

02. Script

Whether you choose to write your own script or want to collaborate with us to form your story, your opinion will always be accounted for at each milestone. We take your message into consideration and from there we move ahead with the voice over recording.

03. Storyboard & Characters

We create a number of key frames that make up the storyboard which sets the visual side of your message. We want the audience to be engaged and thus, if necessary, we create personalized characters to fit your message.

04. Voiceover

Our next step is to find you the ideal voice to match your brand and financial plan – it can either be narrated by one of our voice over artists or one of your choosing. We add a catchy voice of our voice artist to your video; adding energy and bringing it to life. Keep your expectations as high as you want, we've got the best!

05. Animation & SFX

All the processes are now lined up to get in motion and come forth to the audience. The remarkable sound effects spice up the script, story, and characters which become a hit when videos come in contact with the audience.

06. Finalized & Published

We’re now almost done! We give it some final touches so that it is flawless when the content gets out. Your animated video is ready to go viral and create excitement!

Do not forget, you will always have the opportunity to steer and amend at each step along the way.

What’s Your Story?

Whether your business has freshly launched or it’s established and just needs some inspiration for a push start, we assist you all. You have a story to tell? We are here to listen. Tell us all, we’re at your service!

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